7000 Year Flood?

So the world is ending, apparently, and I got another week off of school. Which is nice, because my "vacation", while thoroughly enjoyable, was not particularly relaxing. I will recount my travels at a later date when I can back it up with pictures. We really enjoyed Eastern Utah. Cool stuff there.

Saw Watchmen the other night. I'm really glad I took Shawn's advice and read the book first, because there are a lot of characters to keep track of. I really liked it and was surprised at how faithful it was to the book. Of course, they left some stuff out, but it would've been an eight hour movie if they hadn't. I thought all the important stuff made it in, although I would've liked a little more Minutemen action. Oh well, that's what my imagination is for, right?

I'm getting ready to register for Summer and Fall semesters, and I'm really excited because the summer class I'm taking is scheduled for the first, shorter session, so I'll have most of the summer off! Of course, this is dependent upon NDSU not being under water, so we'll see.

Much existential angst and self-defeating inner monologue has been going on the past few weeks, but it's all boring and the same old crap, so I'm not going to discuss it. Hoping the weather improves soon, though, or we all might go nuts. Anyhoo, that's enough for now, hope everyone is staying dry! TTFN!!


I bought geeky t-shirts!!!

From ThinkGeek:

Go me!!


I are suck at blogging

But you all have figured that out already, right? Anyway, I haven't really had much to blog about. Classes are going pretty well so far, the shelter is still there, and winter sucks much harder than in recent history. Spring break is coming up, though, and I am headed to Arizona. Mom & dad have been down in that area since the beginning of February and I'm flying to Phoenix to meet them and then drive back with them. I'll be gone for a week and a half, so I should be able to get my fill of warm(er, anyway) weather and NO SNOW!!! I'd say more, but I have about nine million things to do before I can leave and not nearly enough hours to do them. Aah, procrastination, how I have missed thee. TTFN!!