Lamb is yucky...

I'm watching Iron Chef (the original, not that crappy American ripoff), and tonight's ingredient is lamb. They just said something about shins. I don't think I want to eat lamb shins. Anyway. Not much going on, still unemployed and directionless. Got a message from the manager of the nearby Leeann Chin and he wants to interview me on Monday. Gaaaahhhh! I DON'T want to do food service. At this point, though, I really can't afford to be picky.

(Now I will whine. If you wish to skip the whining, feel free.) Money sucks. Whoever invented it should be shot. I'm sure it was some ancient Sumerian who didn't realize how miserable she would be making me in the future, but I hate her anyway. I know life wouldn't be perfect if I had money, but it sure would be a helluva lot easier. (That concludes the whining portion of this post.)

Huh. Lamb has a filet mignon. Who knew?