HOW is pro wrestling Sci-Fi?!?!?

Arrgh! What are they thinking? Anyhoo, just a short post today. I've been house-sitting for my aunt & uncle for the past week with no internet which is why it's been so long. I wanted to use this post to send a big, public "ThanksforputingupwithmeevenwhenI'mbeingkindofajerk" to my friend S.S. She (and I'm sure some of the rest of you) knows who she is. She is be far one of my favorite people in the world, and I've been a pretty crappy friend lately. She and her family have been having a rough go of things lately, and I didn't even know about it until weeks after the fact because I'm about as good at reading my email as I am at opening my snail mail. I know that things will get better, because she is a person who definitely deserves to have good things happen to her. I love her to pieces and thank her for sticking by me through everything and anything. In an attempt to make her laugh I have included the following link to the First Reformed Church of Spongebob. It's super-easy to join, and you don't even have to give up your current religion. Pretty cool if you ask me! TTFN!!!


Why does my cable company hate me so?

OK, so it's not technically MY cable company, but they do hate me. Or maybe it's the idiots at ESPN who didn't bid for the NHL playoffs this year. Whoever it is, this is the fifth game of the Stanley Cup and only the 4th playoff game I've seen, and 2 of those were before I moved. **mutter, blah, stupid OLN, gargh** OK, I feel a little better.

So let's see, I believe we left off with me taking medication that wasn't mine. Well, my cousin freaked out and called my parents. I was upset at the time, but now I can see why she did it. I think that was on Friday morning. My parents came Saturday morning and we all sat down to decide what needed to be done. It was during this fun little discussion that my cousin informed me that she couldn't have me living there any more. Again, I can see her reasons now, but at the time - not great. After some discussion, we (actually mostly they, because I didn't care AT ALL at that point) decided to take me to the ER and see what they had to say. That was around noon, and by 4 PM I was admitted to a locked ward at Regions Hospital. The social worker wanted to get me on the depression floor, but it was full so I got put on a general psych floor. I will probably tell some fun stories about my stay at some point, but not right now. I was in there for a week, and overall it was a positive experience. There were a few very One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest moments, but that was interesting, too.

On a completely different note, I have another word to add to my list. Addicting. Since addict is not a verb, pistachios cannot be addicting. They could, however, be described using the adjective addictive. Thus concludes your English lesson for the day. TTFN!!


I like New Kids on the Block...

...and I don't care who knows! So there! I also watched Bring It On this afternoon for about the tenth time. I could shock you with many other things that I like that are so far from cool that the light from cool takes 98 million years to reach them, but that's for another day. I have a headache at the moment, so I'm not going to post about anything heavy. Or about anything else, for that matter. Just thought I'd let you contemplate my sad taste in music and movies. TTFN!!


Is chocolate ice cream good for cats?

~Insert some sort of intro here because I don't feel like writing one~

So, April. That was a crappy, crappy month. I hadn't been feeling anything approaching good up until then, but I took a bit of a nosedive the last two weeks of April. I was so immobilized by the depression that I wasn't even getting off the couch to go out and get my prescriptions refilled. Consequently, I wasn't taking my medication the way I am supposed to, which increased my physical symptoms, which, in turn, increased my depression. I was in a lot of physical pain and overmedicating with Vicodin, which is, all together now, "A DEPRESSANT". Der. I actually went through a month's supply in about two weeks. Not good. After I was done with those, I took a few of some leftover percoset my cousin had. Then on the second-to-last Thursday, I was in tons of pain and it wasn't going away, so I took a couple of my cousin's sleeping pills. Anyone sensing a pattern? Keara was not in her right mind.

Yeah, that's enough for tonight. Sorry for the cliffhanger, but I'm tired. Plus, to answer my earlier question, my cat just puked so I should go clean that up. TTFN!!


Where the *$%# have you been?!?!?

Well, I guess I've been putting this off long enough. However, I can't do this all in one post, so be patient. To summarize: I kind of went off the deep end and am now back living with my parents. No worries, I'm (relatively) healthy at the moment and working on the happy part. I'm doing the therapy thing, which is giving me lots to think about. I may even be asking for some help from y'all once in a while. Nothing too strenuous, I promise.

OK, that's enough for tonight. If I tried to sit down and tell the whole story at once, I'd never do it, so small chunks are the way to go. I hope all of you are well, and I apologize for my lack of acting like I was still on the planet. TTFN!