Detective Crazypants rules!

I love Law and Order Criminal Intent. Detective Goren is awesome. And wacky. He's wacksome. Or awecky. I'm just back from a week at THE LAKE and not feeling rested, or refreshed, or like a whole new person. Bleh. I was kind of hoping for a miraculous turnaround induced by rocks, trees and the world's largest freshwater lake. No such luck. On a positive note, though, my cat did NOT pee on me or my car on the ride home. I'm going to see me med lady tomorrow, and I feel better than the last time I saw her, but about the same as the time before that. So, no progress overall. Hopefully she has some ideas.

On a completely seperate plane of existence, I had forgotten that Laurence Fishburne was on Pee Wee's Playhouse. It's weird to see Morpheus with a curly mullet and cow print shirt. That's all for now, I have a headache. TTFN!!


Sucking suckiness really sucks

I feel like crap, and not in a good way. I'm in the middle of a med change and the one I just went off of was one I had been on the max dose of for about three years. I feel barfity puke yuck. I don't want to get out of bed, I don't want to talk to anyone, I don't want to eat, I don't want to sleep, I don't want to be awake. I'm having a big ol' pity party today. I'm in full-on whymewhythiswhatdidIdotodeservethis mode. Which doesn't help anything. Cripes. I'd like to have one day to feel "normal" just so I know what it feels like. Gah. Enough of this. I'm going to watch The 4400. Awesome show, you should check it out. In other good news, new Stargate episodes this Friday. See, life's not so bad after all. TTFN!!


Yes, the blog is hella ugly

The lease ran out on the space I was using to house my style sheets, graphics, etc. and I have yet to get them moved. Mostly because my internet is so slow, but partly because I don't care or feel like it. In fact, I don't feel like blogging for reasons I don't feel like blogging about, so that's about all for now. TTFN!