I *heart* hockey. That's all, nothing profound about it.

Thinking, on the other hand... I used to *heart* it. I used to be good at it. Now, not so much. So what do you do when a big part of how you identify yourself as a person changes? How do you reach out to people who don't understand for a single second what you're going through? What if they don't like you anymore? What if the thing you've pinned your identity on for so long is the only thing people liked about you? How do you make them understand that forgetting things like birthdays isn't becuase you're an inconsiderate, self-absorbed ass? How do you create a whole new identity for yourself when it doesn't feel like you have anything else to offer people?

OK, that was muy depressing. I don't know how to end this, so TTFN!!


Daniel Craig is nummy

I saw the new Bond movie last night, and in the immortal words of the fat, pimply South Park kids, it was "uber-cool"! The new 007 is hot, and ruthless, and a major badass. Awesome! The foot chase near the beginning is one of the coolest chase scenes ever. It was also funny in parts and not nearly as cheesy as some of the past Bond films. Definitely a must-see.

Ahh, Thanksgiving. It's tomorrow, and since my bro is in Michigan visiting his new lady-friend, my parents and I are going out. Of course, we'll cook a turkey with all of the stuff on Saturday, but hopefully it will involve less drama than an actual Thanksgiving dinner.

Hope everyone has a great holiday! TTFN!!


Vote, dammit!

Nothing about me today, just want to make sure y'all get out and VOTE! I don't care who you vote for, just as long as you do it. In Minnesota it is easy, easy, easy to do, so no excuses! Even if you don't know anything about your local races, at least go and vote for governor, or senator, or there's a transportation amendment thingy, too. Your ballot is still counted even if you don't vote in every race. This site gives you all the info you'll need in one easy package. There's info there on where to vote, what you need to register, and also some good info on the constitutional amendment on the ballot. Please, please, please vote. Seriously. I will haunt you if you don't. I know where you live. TTFN!!