Crap noodles.

Is how I am feeling about the imminent death of my precious baby, my white knight of computing, my iBook. She's on her fifth motherboard, it's true, but I still love her in a way that is both poignant and slightly disturbing. She will be succeeded by a PowerBook that is a bit of an upgrade, but she will always hold a special place in my heart. At least until I sell her on eBay for parts. As soon as the new baby is broken in, I promise a long information-y post about all the cool stuff I've been doing. As if. TTFN!!!


R.I.P. Wild playoff run

Although, I'm not sure you can really call it a run if you lose in the first round. It wasn't entirely their fault, though. Nick Schultz's appendix had incredibly bad timing and damned if Kurtis Foster's BROKEN FEMUR refused to heal in a few weeks. Also Jose Theodore (my new dart board target, if I threw darts, that is) was just insane. It was like he was covered in flypaper or something. He just didn't give up any rebounds. Well, I guess I'll be getting my regular bedtime back. I mean, who wants to sit around watching playoff hockey while there is laundry to be folded, right?


I know, I know

I'm a slacker. Well, get ready to quiver in awe of my continued slackitude. Hence, a possibly offensive link about butts.


Poetry is hard

I am trying to get that sonnet written, I swear. I'm going to use this post to introduce you to the new man in my life. Well, technically he's neutered, but he's also of a different species, so it's all good. And now, presenting for the very first time... (insert drum roll here) ...Linus. He's also known as my Sweet Baboo, Blankie-boy, and Dover (as in runneD OVER). He looks a bit scruffy at the moment, but his whiskers are starting to grow back.

And last, but not least, bow down in the fearsome presence of... ROBO-KITTEH!!!