100th post!!

And it only took almost four years. No, I am not the best blogger in the world. I can live with that.

So i turn 35 tomorrow and have been having a minor milestone-birthday freakout. Just the usual stuff, but I'm already pretty down in general, so it's been weepy time around here. Oh well, I'll just go back to flirting on line with 25 year-olds. Apparently that makes me a puma. Neat.

In other news, well, I'm not in school right now due to a financial aid snafu, and I'm still not sure I'll be able to go back in the spring. Other than that, I'm really depressed right now and nothing seems to be helping. Light box, new meds, all for naught. But we're working on it, so hopefully it will turn around. I have been making self-destructive lists in my head, though. Pros and cons, mostly. OK, let's be honest, mostly cons. And no, I'm not whining, just having a pity party. There's a big difference. Really.

Wow, this is really negative. I suppose I should be glad to still be alive after 35 years. In caveman times I would've been dead by now, so I guess I'm doing pretty well, all things considered. Enough of this maudlin post. I'll come back another day when I don't feel quite so much like a dinosaur. TTFN!!


I am NOT getting sick...

I mean it. I don't care that my TMJ is acting up, or that I had a migraine today despite the fact that I've been on daily preventative meds for almost a month. I will NOT get paranoid that I haven't had an H1N1 shot yet. I WILL NOT GET SICK.

That is all, as I'm going to bed so I don't get sick.