Accomplishment is weird.

I have Bieber hair today. Le sigh. Stupid Mega gel that doesn't Mega anything.

My nephew is cuter than yours.

I hate my English class.

Well, getting a crown wasn't that bad. The prep a couple of weeks ago sucked, though.

OMG I FOUND A BRA!!!!!!!!! (To put this in context: I hate bra shopping more than almost anything in the world. I hate it more than doing laundry, for pete's sake.) I also purchased an oh-so-exciting kit to de-grossify my headlights. This one at least hooks up to a drill so I don't have to polish by hand. They also had the Schweddy Balls ice cream from Ben & Jerry's, so more on that later. They did not, however, have any of my frozen cauliflower in cheese sauce. Assholes.

I watered the tomatoes, the dishes are done, the garbage is taken out, and dinner is in the oven.

For real, you guys, this is more than I usually do in a week. And it's only 5:14 PM. OK, so it was 5:14 when I wrote this originally. Now it's like 6:47. Whatever, you'll get over it. TTFN!!!

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