Wow, that's...

Puzzling. Sorry, I should explain what I'm talking about. OK, so I'm sitting here watching afternoon cartoons (yeah, yeah, screw too old for that stuff) and there was this commercial. And I figure since I ranted about a girl's toy I should rant about a boy's toy also. I'm not going to go off on professional wrestling (I promise), but is this toy a good idea? Using ladders to injure people seems like a bad message to send to kids whose parents might own step ladders. And this might just be all of the gay porn talking, but this seems pretty homoerotic to me. Of course, pro wrestling in general is pretty homoerotic (oops, sorry). OK, that's enough for today. TTFN!!


Is it weird that I'm taking it personally?

As I was watching Sen. Larry Craig "set the record straight" last night, I was very irritated by the whole thing, but especially when he was picking on the cop who busted him. I'm thinking it's a Minnesota thing, but I don't really know why. Maybe I'm just irritated that a United States Senator is so stupid, regardless of whether or not he did solicit or whatever. What a dil-hole.


Things that irk me number...whatever.

Those of you who have known me for a while know that I tend to get up-in-arms about many different things. Sometimes several things at once. However, this usually leads to me ranting for a few seconds and then moving on to the next thing that pisses me off. Well, I have one I need to vent about in a public forum, so here goes.

I was watching Nickelodeon this morning (yes, it was a Fairly Odd Parents-athon) and I saw a commercial that raised my hackles. It was a commercial for the Dream Town Rose Petal Cottage by Playskool. It is a play house with a washer, dryer, furniture, etc. Now, I know there are lots of kitchen play sets and the like out there for kids. What struck me about this particular commercial was some of the wording. If you'd like to hear for yourself just click "Watch it" on the link above. A couple that stood out in particular:
  • "...where her dreams have room to grow..." - Honestly, is this what parents want their daughters to dream about? Baking muffins and rearranging furniture?
  • "...entertain her imagination..." - With what? Laundry?
I'm no femi-nazi, I have no problem with guys squishing bugs and such, provided that women at least know how. But, come on. I thought we were past the time when girls only dreamed of having babies and baking cupcakes. What about building bridges or curing cancer? I'm not saying there's anything wrong with having babies and baking cupcakes. Far from it. But is this the message we want to send to little girls? That their only purpose in life it to keep house?

Am I overreacting? Absolutely. As is my right and tendency. If I don't who will? OK, that's a bit grandiose, but you get the drift.

Completely changing the subject, go Gophers! TTFN!!


Only 5 weeks late...

Yeah, well, I can't help it if his parents are hopelessly slow. Yes, that's right, I finally have pictures of Adyn. I'm going to put up a couple of my favorites, and you can go see the rest here if you'd like.

And did I mention the heart-shaped nostrils?


The state bird of Michigan is...

How the heck should I know? Ask my brother. Yes, that's right, we packed him off to Holland, Michigan with his gal Becky. Moving is always such a grand endeavor, and this was no exception. Actually, it was a pretty boring deal all around. Everything (mostly) fit where it needed to, and nothing ended up bouncing down the freeway at 70 mph. And I have to say, Becky has got this whole "getting Ethan to do what you want him to do" thing figured out pretty well. Of course, I'll miss having him around, but I think Becky will be worth the move. She seems to know the depths of his dorkosity, and loves him anyway. Plus she's a redhead, so we can buy sunscreen in bulk together.

So, good luck Ethan, and don't you dare become a Wolverines fan. Seriously, or a Badgers fan (Becky is from Wisconsin, poor girl). TTFN!!