Wednesday again...

Ahh, Wednesday. That middlest of days. It inspires me to, um, yeah, it doesn't inspire me at all. Classes were good today. I'm now preparing to eat my lunch in the library (which isn't really its intended purpose, but oh well) and then get my homework done. Not a lot of it, mostly reading.

So far things are going very well. Found out today that my English prof is, if not younger, then very close to my age. I kind of knew that, but it's nice to have confirmation that I'm an old lady. He wears comic book t-shirts and wants us to call him Josh. "Mr. Webster is my dad." Other than that, he's good.

My Logic class is going well, too. That prof (whom I've had several times before) inquired today if I was planning a major in Philosophy. I told him no, but only because I would have to start at the very beginning and probably add at least 3 semesters on to my degree. I'm tired of this crap and want to graduate. I think he likes having me in class because I argue with him on a regular basis. Unfortunately, Logic isn't really an arguing kind of class. It's about arguing, but the rules are pretty much set in stone with not a lot of wiggle room. So arguing about arguing is not really possible. Bummer.

Talked to my brother a bit last night and he reminded me that his son will be here in about 3.5 weeks. How scary is that? Becky is doing very well, though, so that's great. The OB guesses the little fella will be in the mid-nine pound range. So, actually, not so little. I'm really bummed that I won't get to see the little critter until Christmas, but it can't be helped. I don't have the funds for a plane ticket and a 13-hour drive doesn't really work for a weekend trip. I guess that's what Skype is for, right? I just hope his other aunties don't try to horn in on my territory. They all have other nieces and/or nephews to hang out with. This one's mine. Here's the latest belly pic:

Well, I should eat so I can take my pills so I can do homework. Pills aren't directly required for homework, but without them I become funky and gross so homework isn't really possible anyway. If anyone is thinking that Medicare and Medical Assistance (which is what Medicaid is called in MN) are an unnecessary luxury, come to my house and see what my prescriptions would cost without them. Then vote accordingly. Anyway, have a great Thursday and I'll see you soon! TTFN!!

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